8 Signs You’re A Chronic Extrovert

I always come across articles that share “19 signs that you’re an introvert” or “7 reasons why you’re a hippie.” The problem is, none of those are me. Why haven’t they figured out my kind! Are we that different?

Who the heck is going to point out that I’m “too friendly” or excessively outgoing? No one. So I’ll just do it myself—for me and the rest of the crazies. This one’s for my fellow extroverts.

8 Clues that You’re Hopelessly Extroverted

  1. You are a firecracker burning at both ends. Sleep? What’s that? You’ll pick up a second job, start a league, or join an organization to stay busy. You’re all about the people and excitement. Anything that keeps you in the crowd—or taking charge—is for you.
  2. You’re terrified of silence. A night in by yourself is not relaxing. It’s devastating. Even though you know the solution to insanity lies in the hands of sleep and self-analysis, the silence still remains louder than your thoughts.
  3. You come off as flirtatious. You’re idea of sarcasm is someone else’s idea of arousal. This fault—if that’s what you want to call it—lies in the need to make everyone around you feel comfortable. Sorry you’re too nice.
  4. You talk too much and forget to listen. You’re never afraid to walk into a room full of people. In fact, it thrills you. You look at strangers as a challenge—the challenge being that they can’t still be a stranger when you part. The problem is you introduce yourself and, while you will forever remember their face, you forget to listen to their name.
  5. You’re bold and honest. Some call it brash. The reality is brash is defined as “self-assertive in a rude, noisy, or overbearing way,” according to Google. That’s not you. Being honest might lead you to sounding brash, but not all truths are good, right?
  6. You enjoy instigating awkward situations. You’re all about a different kind of awkward. Your typical no-one-is-talking-at-dinner is not for you. Instead, you use your vocal chords, making shocking comments just to witness the reaction. It’s obnoxious and you love it.
  7. You need to be acknowledged for your hard work. You love constructive criticism. It creates talking points, challenges, and an opening for vocal discourse. But when you improve based on that criticism, you’d better hear it.
  8. You expend all energy on those around you. While some might claim you’re obnoxious, you are here for more than attention. You aim to entertain, to inspire smiles, to compliment friends and strangers until they finally believe in themselves. You do this until internal energy no longer exists, but it’s always worth it.

Cover photo via Flickr user Proudly Vegan

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