A Night At The Track: Where Age Is Just A Number

The neighbor kids at the lake introduced me to a different world this summer.

Brothers Alex (11) and Tucker (10) had taken up go-kart racing over the summer. One Sunday afternoon, their dad, Myron, explained the family’s crazy summer schedule. On Mondays they raced in West Fargo, on Wednesdays they could head to Grand Forks and on Fridays they burned rubber in Alexandria, MN.

Having lived in Fargo for a few years, I was surprised to learn the Red River Valley Fairgrounds was also home to a go-kart track and the Red River Kart Club. (I only knew the fairgrounds as the place for concerts during fair week). Intrigued by the notion, I convinced my brother and dad to join me and spectate the following day.

The culture I experienced when I drove up to the track was unique.

Cars, trucks and trailers lined the perfectly-paved oval race track. Drivers and crews checked over their karts, revved their engines and prepared to race. Between heats, the “Power Up Snack Shack” offered burgers, mini corn dogs, soda and more.

I was astounded when I realized the age range of the competitors. On one end of the spectrum, there was an adult class of racers—full-grown men that squished into tiny karts, looking for some good, clean fun. On the other end of the spectrum was five-year-old kids not yet old enough to tie their shoes but all-the-ready to hop in a go-kart and drive. Seriously, imagine that… a five-year-old with better motor skills than you (pun intended).

At the end of the day, the event was about families, kids and spectators getting together to enjoy beautiful weather and watch drivers compete… for free. While the season for racing may be over, the culture will not die. And next year, if you’re ever looking for some entertainment on a Monday evening, swing over to the track.

Check out the full article (AND VIDEO!) published in The Forum on August 26. You can read it here.

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