Away With The Red Accent Wall: Try A Feature Wall Instead

I remember when my mom carefully chose that shade of red. It was bold, it was vibrant, it was exactly what our prominent entryway wall needed. It would add life to our family home. It would make a statement. It would boast, “I am trendy.”

But that accent wall is now a thing of the past. That was in the early 2000s, this is 2016.

Thanks to Jenna Skaff, director of business operations at Thomsen Homes, I was introduced to the next big thing: feature walls.

Think of them as a subtle way to add interest to prominent walls in your home. With the right mix, they add texture and emit character and personal flair (not the eyesore that is the outdated accent wall).

The best part? They fit with many tastes and styles.

You can create a feature wall with wood, shelving, paneling, designer wallpaper, stone and more. It doesn’t require researching paint hues that are on-trend, likely to fall out in a few months.

If you’re finally ready to put the past behind you, dive into this article. (Sorry Mom, it’s time for an update. And I’m saying that out of love.)

Check out the full article published in The Forum on September 4. You can read it here.

Feature wall

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