Building Like A Boss: How To Make The Trendiest Home Build Choices

My dad has always been a handyman.

Even as a little girl, I wondered how any husband could (or would) ever be able to compare to my dad. He is the jack of all trades, the cream of the crop, a grease monkey and a self-taught carpenter and electrician.

Let’s face it, my dad can do anything (can’t all dads?).

So when it came time to renovate Grandma’s cabin-turned-retirement home, my dad got his hands on deck (pun intended).

As an educator, he had the summer off not to enjoy himself, but do what doers do: work.

It’s been amazing to see the progress he’s made on the 1940s cabin. He’s moved walls, hung cabinets and doors, installed windows, closed up walls, etc. Basically everything but the kitchen sink—wait, he may have installed that, too.

While Dad got his hands dirty, Grandma, Mom and I made the fun decisions: paint color, flooring options, cabinet materials, doors and more.

But all the while, I wondered, What would the pros do? So I asked.

After meeting with Heidi Toso, a custom home builder since 2004, and the ladies from Thomsen Homes, I feel a little more confident that Grandma’s remodeled lake home will turn out just fine. (Thanks to Dad and his handyman ways.)

Check out the full article published in The Forum on August 21. You can read it here.

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