Buy Nothing Month Challenge: Resources And Worksheets

No matter how much money we make or spend, we never seem to have enough. Keeping up with life’s unexpected twists and turns requires a fat wallet and some serious self-control. Just when we feel caught up on bills, the next turn of events throws us into panic.

That’s what led Alicia Kellebrew and I to take action. As a Financial Counselor at The Village Financial Resource Center, Alicia offers people advice about their finances but, this time, decided to be a guinea pig herself. Starting on March 1, we will be embarking on the “buy nothing month challenge.”

Read more about the buy nothing month challenge in my article for The Forum called Buy nothing month challenge: How to save money quickly.

For those of you willing to accept the challenge, check out these helpful worksheets.

Financial Assessment Worksheet

This worksheet addresses your motivation in pursuing the challenge, challenges you anticipate you may face and any goals you’re hoping to accomplish. It also includes a basic, mini budget to list fixed and variable expenses, any exceptions to spending and your expected savings – the most motivating part of it all)!

Download Buy Nothing Month Financial Assessment PDF Worksheet

Expense Tracking Worksheet

This worksheet allows you to track income and expenses throughout the week (and the month). The left-side columns are numbered 1-31 to represent each day of the month, while categories such as rent, mortgage, groceries, gas, etc. can be listed across the top. Fill in transactions that fit each category throughout the month.

Download Buy Nothing Month Expense Tracking PDF Worksheet

Weekly Accountability Worksheet

After each week, turn to this worksheet to reflect on the week. Look back on your income and expense tracking worksheet to identify what you bought. How much did you spend? Are you on track with your budget and spending categories?

What did you do for fun that didn’t cost money? What were your biggest accomplishments and challenges throughout the week?

Download Buy Nothing Month Weekly Accountability PDF Worksheet

On your mark, get set… go! Happy buy nothing month to you!

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