Cards Against Originality

The painfully honest—and often morbid—game catches you off guard when you draw perfect pairs like these:

With enough time and pressure, _____  will turn into _____ .

    • an ether-soaked rag
    • some peace and quiet
    • necrophilia
    • breeding elves for their priceless semen

Well if _____ is good enough for _____, then it’s good enough for me.

    • jizz
    • altar boys
    • super soaker full of cat pee
    • Justin Bieber

When I was tripping on acid, _____  turned into _____ .

    • a cooler full of organs
    • free samples
    • two midgets shitting into a bucket
    • sudden poop explosion disease

Taking it to the Next Level

Cards Against Humanity has always been a struggle for me. I’ve found that, while I can make people laugh in person, my wit is much less evident when it comes to this game. Nonetheless, the game’s popularity is undeniable, and I have definitely played more than once. What sucks is when you crave a game of humor and shame, and your cards aren’t with you or the venue isn’t “card friendly.”

That’s where the hype about Dawson Whitfield comes into play. Whitfield has developed a mobile app version of the game called Cards Against Originality. While it seems like a rip off of the original, he says the app is meant to fill in when your game isn’t accessible. In addition to the regular version all five extended decks are available—for free!

How do the original game makers feel about this? According to Max Temkin, the physical game’s creator, it’s no problem. Cards Against Humanity was created with a creative commons license to encourage fans to get creative with their game.

It’s not looking like there will be an official app in the future. Temkin explains, “We don’t think it’s very fun to play Cards Against Humanity on a phone, which is why we never shipped an app. One of the best parts of playing Cards Against Humanity is just having an analogue experience with people and making your friends laugh.”

Imagine that. Someone in 2015 who appreciates face-to-face interaction.

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