Darling DIYs: How To Make Your Backyard A Place To Escape

If you ask me, few things can top Midwest summers.

For (give or take) three months out of the year, I and many others enjoy baseball games on weeknights, the lake on weekends, fireworks just for fun and a whole lot of warm weather.

That’s why I make the great outdoors my priority every summer. Every chance I get (outside of my 8 to 5 office job, obviously) I bask in it.

But all the while—as DIY season looms—I’m busy decorating my living room, bedroom and bathroom, I forget about the outdoors. I forget that DIY projects extend beyond indoor wall art and refurbished furniture. I forget that the outdoors are not a separate space, but rather an extension of the home.

I wanted to know how to make my outdoor space more inviting for the remainder of beautiful summer weather, so I looked to Paula Otto and Mary Sue Ohlhauser, the owners of Burlap Boutique. Together, they reclaim old furniture and repurpose pieces to use both in the home and outdoors.

They taught me the tools of the trade (i.e. colored chalk paint, power tools, etc.) and provided a few ideas for items to pieces to reclaim. With wooden pallets being all the rage, I also included instructions for an easy DIY pallet bar for the backyard—a relatively inexpensive project that can double as side table for the grill.

Check out the full article published in The Forum on July 31. You can read it here.
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