DIY Fall Decor For The Modern, Simplistic Gal

As the days drag on, I’m beginning to accept it. I’m beginning to admit to myself that fall is quickly approaching (the official start of autumn being September 23). I’m sad for summer to be drifting away, but am relieved as I find myself getting into the fall spirit—watching football, planning Halloween costumes, and making autumn-inspired crock pot desserts.

I’ve never been one for tacky seasonal decorations. I’m not sure if it’s the idea that orange and black always reminds me of my hometown Underwood Rockets, or that I’ve found most of the decor is ungodly ugly. This year, I’ve pledged to adult. (Because part of being an adult is getting excited about kitchen appliances and decorating the crap out of your home for every changing season, right?)

Here’s a little DIY inspiration for your fall decorating:

Simple Fall Burlap Bunting


Whether you hang this banner on your mantel, above your couch in the apartment, or across your bay window, this ode to fall will spice up your place like a pumpkin latte. And the supplies are cheap! All you need is some burlap, twine, stencils, paint (or a sharpie), and hot glue.

Autumn Sign Tutorial


So far, my fall decor consists of piddily candles, vases of fake flowers, and a cheap maple leaf garland from the Dollar Store. I knew I needed a statement piece but had no idea what that could be. Then, I found Ella Claire, a building, baking, DIY blog. Boy, is this lady talented—that sign is DIY!

No Sew Fringe Burlap Runner


Though I didn’t graduate with a degree in apparel design, I spent a year and a half pursuing it. I love to sew but I know many don’t (and even I don’t always love taking the time to lug my sewing machine out of hiding). Lucky for us, this is a no-sew project. It’s amazing what a little iron-on adhesive hem tape can do!

Herb and Olive Leaf Table Garland


Forget the cheesy leaf garland. This garland, made of sage, rosemary, and olive leaf branches, not only dresses up your table, it smells good!

Fall Flannel Table Runner


The 90’s grunge look is still one of my favorites. Red plaid is in, and flannels will never go out of style in my book. So why not incorporate them into your decor, too? This runner is so easy I’m not sure you can even call it DIY. I think a better acronym may be C&F (cut & fray).

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece


I had to do a double take when I found this gem on Pinterest. Why not use a pumpkin to hide your vase? Rather than carving the Jack-o-latern’s eyes and nose, you instead carve out an opening for a vase. Add flowers (real or fake) and voila! Natural beauty.

Vintage Inspired Fall Display


If you’re not a fan of the burlap banner, here’s another way to spell out the season. I, for one, am a word nerd, so anything that uses letters is a hit for me—not to mention you can use the clipboards after the decor is taken down!

DIY Fall Floral Wreath

Honey We're Home Fall Wreath.70

In 15 minutes you could have a new wreath livening up your home. This project is not only quick but also affordable. Hobby Lobby is my favorite spot to buy fake flowers as they always seem to be 50 percent off.

Rustic Crate Inspired Luminary


I was originally looking for a DIY bin or crate to store small pumpkins and gourds. I found this luminary crate and realized I could get many uses out of it. Not only could it hold my fall vegetables, it could light up my apartment come winter. Enjoy yet another tutorial from Ella Claire.

I hope you now feel confident in your fall cooking, style, and decor. So lay ‘em on me: what are your favorite fall trends?

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