Eating For Pleasure, Force-Feeding Your Sex Drive

Out of the closet—and just in time for the hype of 50 Shades of Grey—comes a relatively new-found sexual fetish to compete: feederism.

Urban dictionary defines feederism as, “An underground sexual fetish which involves one partner (the feeder) feeding the other, both to obtain sexual arousal and to encourage weight gain in the feedee.”

Many American women and teens look forward to the premiere of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show every December, drooling over and coveting models’ bodies, all while losing a little more confidence for every stride Candice Swanepoel makes down the runway. This is not the case for the feedie community.

Sharing pizza in bed after a late night hook up isn’t all that weird for some couples. How do you think Toppers remains successful at 2 AM? Feederism takes that idea to a whole new level. Its obvious that anorexia or bulimia isn’t an issue for those that fall victim to this fetish. In fact, just the opposite is what makes this feederism so dangerous. Much like BDSM—bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism and masochism—feederism, in some cases, becomes violent. Often non-consensual play involves bondage and force-feeding in the intent to fatten up the feedee “to the point of immobility,” according to Urban Dictionary.

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Don’t get me wrong, in any case, there are extremes—as I just pointed out. Other (less extreme) feedies must be credited. Some partners practice feederism as a way to enjoy food in an intimate setting. Think: chocolate covered cherries in bed and romanticism in the kitchen. Why be ashamed of what we eat and when? (Especially in front of our loved ones.)

My problem with these publicized, media-trendy fetishes is that we feel pressured to give in—try something new. Everyone else is doing it, right? Wrong. Violent,non-consensual fetish play is never OK, whether its feederism, BDSM, exhibitionism, or another sexual fixation.

Know your limits and stand firm. Anastacia Steele did.

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