Falling For Fashion: 6 Hot Trends To Try This Autumn

This year, autumn won me over.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a loyal fan of summer—my absolute favorite season. But this year October pulled on my heartstrings. The changing leaves and rich colors have inspired me.

I packed away my staple summer fashion pieces, swapping out my shorts and sandals for chunky sweaters, flannels and booties. I pulled on leg warmers and wrapped a scarf around my neck. And I did it all with a smile. For the first time ever, I was grateful for a change in seasons because fall fashion has rocked my socks off.

For those of you who are a little hesitant to try out trends, Shantelle Peterson of Clothes Mentor and Samantha Hayes of Kittsona offer some advice. (Hint: confidence and comfortability are everything.) Niki Larson, the style expert at West Acres Shopping Center, highlighted six hot trends for fall. Capitalize on them before winter steals your joy.

The story on fall fashion published in The Forum on October 28. You can find it here.

Fall Fashion

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Feature photo by Elisabeth Eden Photography, provided by West Acres. (Outfit by Hollister.)

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