Feet Hurting In Stilettos? New Shoe Technology Changes Everything

Having a background in fashion design, I’ve found my eyes and ears are constantly peeled for the latest and greatest new trends. Just a little more than year ago, I wrote about 3D printed garments, travel clothing that converts to fashionable attire and underwear that seal in the stink (yes, farts).

But, as the end of 2016 nears, fashion and technology have come together once again. At the Met Gala, Marchesa—one of my all-time favorite designers—paired up with IBM’s computer, Watson, to create the “Cognitive Dress.”

The gown was made of white tulle and fashioned with 150 LED bulbs. After Marchesa designers chose five emotions (joy, excitement, encouragement, patience and curiosity) that coordinated with colors, IBM was able to program the dress to change hue in real-time according to tweets marked with #MetGala or #CognitiveDress during the night.

For those who don’t require a color-changing dress to excite them, a German company has created a practical design. Mime et moi has fulfilled every woman’s dream by making shoes with interchangeable heels.

For a starting price of 175,00€ (or roughly $193), customers receive a shoe with the ability to swap heels (five total heel options available… but they must be purchased separately). In just four quick steps, customers can convert their sexy stilettos on a hot date to more comfortable flats, dancing the night away. (The extra set of heels are portable and travel well in a purse.)

As the years go on, it amazes me what people come up with. Now… if someone could just invent a money tree, then I could afford all these cool things.

For more pretty pictures of Mimi et moi shoes, visit their Instagram.

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