Will Ferrell makes people—and cancer—look good.

On March 12, Ferrell did what any decent human would: he sacrificed his day to play five games for ten teams in ten positions at the MLB Spring Training in Arizona. Ferrell dedicated his time—and body—to create awareness for two cancer causes: Stand Up to Cancer, an organization that funds cancer research and therapy (the MLB’s official cancer initiative), and Cancer for College, which aims to support cancer patients to complete their college education. Playing ten positions honored Bert Campaneris, who was the first to do similar—playing every position in a game.

As many would guess, the day (and MLB’s twitter feed) was full of puns.

He arrived with Ricky Bobby-like confidence.




So many bats made of mahogany were enjoyed.


He played third base coach, presenting the most important tips to his team.


This time milk wasn’t the predator.


It wasn’t all fun and games.



And eventually, he walked off the field with memories that would last him forever.


If you missed all the fun and tweets, there’s still hope. Funny or Die paired with the MLB for this outing in attempt to create a special series for HBO. #WinnersGetToDoWhatTheyWant

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