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As a freelance photographer, I am constantly getting inspiration through visual content. In 2006, Facebook started as a creative outlet for my words. Nearly ten years later, The Book is merely a way I stay connected with old friends and family, but rarely does it inspire me. That’s where Instagram comes into play. Disclosure: if you’re not an Instagram fan, it’s because you are following all the wrong people.

If you can’t smile looking at a photo, lose your breath, or get inspired, then you’re not Instagramming right. Try these on for size:

@treyratcliff, Trey Ratcliff

Ice cold and stunning.

Trey Ratcliff.PNG

@colerise, Cole Rise

Landscapes of all kinds—making you wish you had that Nat Geo-style long lens.

Cole Rise.PNG

@makhorov, Vadim Makhorov

A view of life’s paths from up above.


@witanddelight_ , Kate Arends

You’re going to do one of two things: mimic her simplistic style or wish you had it.


@lovewalkeatsee, Lara

Subtle, bold, and rustic. Try it sometime.


@danrubin, Dan Rubin

So clean and simplistic; he makes it look easy.

Dan Rubin.PNG

@heysp, Sarah Palmer

Colorful, bold, and so creative you’ll come unglued.

Sarah Palmer.PNG

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