Home Sweet Home: Unique Features Add To Happiness

Having rented a space to live for the last six years, I’ve come to recognize the significance of “home”.

During the holiday season, I yearn for a place of my own. As I young adult, I dream of what many my age do: the opportunity to someday pack up my apartment, take a photo next to a “for sale” sign and settle down in my very own home—separate from dozens of other tenants.

I envision all the wish-list items that will make my home a sanctuary—the special features and spaces that bring happiness. Will I find comfort in a reading nook, serenity in a large, walk-in shower or peace in a quiet space designed for creativity?

Phil Stahl of Stahl Architecture says creating a home sanctuary requires being intentional with home design. Acoustic-filtering properties, lighting, color, design and custom spaces all factor in.

Everyone has their own definition of “home sweet home.” What does yours look like?

To see how homeowners have created their own sanctuary, read the story published in The Forum on November 13. You can find it here

Home sanctuary

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