If She Only Knew: A Letter To The Women In My Life

Throughout the last couple weeks, something has been weighing on me. Something triggered by a series of unfortunate events. Something I’m often reminded of, but never take the time to address. Something that lingers on my mind, but never really grasps my full attention…

Until recently, that is.

Like a thief in the night, it crept in and invaded my mind, holding my thoughts hostage. Putting my current priorities on hold, it rose to the top of the list. How could I go on without saying something or doing something about it? How will she ever know if I don’t take the time to tell her?

So I’ve crafted a letter to the women in my life (unfortunately, it applies to many).

To the women in my life,

I’m writing because I don’t know how else to say it. I’ve laid awake at night brainstorming just how I can tell you—or rather convince you—of your worth. It seems no matter what words I use or how I choose to say them, it just doesn’t sink in.

What kills me most is that you may never truly understand your beauty and your worth. No matter how many times or how many people reassure you, you’ll continue to brush it off like a forced compliment, a gesture of politeness, comparing it to the countless times you’ve sacrificed the truth for the sake of sparing someone’s feelings.

Kills Me The Most

He or she has ruined it for you. They took it from you—your self-worth, your confidence, and with it the beauty that coincides. With one glance, a handful of words, or a subtle gesture, this delusional person expressed their disapproval or disgust. You took the hint. You knew what they were saying and what they intended by it. They wanted to change you. They wanted you to look this way or act that way. They wanted you to be something that you weren’t.

But even more infuriating is the thought that this person has branded you for life. The fallout may linger for years. No matter which shining knight or uplifting friend comes along, they will never be able to reverse what your past has convinced you of.

In your mind, you’ll never be good enough. You might admit that you’re up there, neck and neck with average, but you’ll never understand what they see…the rest of the world, the ones who really get to know you. The ones who understand the beauty that lies within. The beauty that they work tirelessly at revealing to you.

Something That You Aren't

You may never come to understand the “you” that we see. The one you’re now blind to. The one you refuse to see in the mirror. The one he or she erased from your self-image.

It sickens me that you can’t comprehend that…

You are beautiful, stunning even.

You are strong (much stronger than anyone expects of you).

You are courageous… beyond doubt.

You are fiercely independent (whether or not you’ll let yourself believe it).

You are considerate and kind, almost to a fault.

You are wise despite being slow to take your own advice.

You are intelligent and capable of making sound decisions.

You are energetic, bubbly, and full of life.

You are a part of our happiness.

And you don’t need anyone to solidify your worth.

I wish the words I’ve shared would magically change your view, open your eyes to the reality we see, or show you that your current perspective is tainted. That feeling of inadequacy isn’t normal. I wish I could explain to you what you deserve and, better yet, what you don’t. These are the things I wish I could tell you everyday.

Above all, I want you to know that you’re worth more than you think you are…whoever you are.

With love,

A woman who knows your worth

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