It’s Always About The Damn Cookies

For years I’ve been bitter towards Girl Scouts. It’s not that I don’t love the causes they support or the valuable lessons their organization teaches…

It’s always about the damn cookies.

According to People magazine, a troop from Salem, New Hampshire is about to make Girl Scout Cookie history. The skills taught and utilized to sell cookies include goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. With ever changing times and technology, today’s Girl Scouts are getting creative. Salem’s Troop 12115 is converting an old warehouse on Main Street into what will be the first ever Girl Scout Cookie Drive-Thru.

The Struggle is Real

In my college years, the struggle to find these infamous cookies was real. Living in a college town, the delicacies were seldom seen, but one year I got lucky. When I stopped for gas at a local station, I spotted a Girl Scout selling cookies out the back of her mom’s car. It was the paint marker on the windows reading “$4” that got me to glance twice. I was ecstatic. Soon I’d realize the happiness I felt would be temporary, because the crinkling sound that comes from pulling the last cookie out of the package is enough to initiate a meltdown.

Girl scouts.PNG

It was in these years that I became so frustrated with the Girl Scout biz and began asking questions:

  • Why am I only able to buy my favorite treat one time during winter/spring? It looks like the Scouts aren’t looking to expand their season anytime soon. Sad face. The organization explains that the program, “is just one part of the Girl Scout Leadership experience,” which is why the cookie sales last six to eight weeks, rather than all year long. There are many more lessons to be learned.

  • If their objective is to encourage sales, marketing, and business strategies in a modern world, then when does e-commerce come into play? Much to my surprise—and lack of knowledge—Girl Scout e-commerce does exist and is launching around the country as we speak! The Cookie Masters call the initiative “Digital Cookie.” It allows a Girl Scout to initiate an online cookie sale. Now you are able to support a girl scout across the country.

  • Why not build an app? And again, I’ve been one-upped. Now, both the Scouts and the customer have an app to utilize. The girls use the app to take your order. The customer can use it to locate a cookie distributor, bookmark locations, and share information via social media.

Congratulations Troop 12115 for using creative skills and opening the eyes of future Girl Scout generations. Your invention would be well worth the 25-hour drive.

Map to Salem.PNG

 I’ve already mapped my route (although, cookies for the ride may be a nice incentive.) #peanutbutterpattyfan


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