Kid Wisdom: What Is Love?

Though I have none of my own (just yet), I’m always quick to admit that I absolutely love kids. Much like a medium talks to the dead, I’ve found I have my own special skill in talking to and interacting with children. Before I know it, they’re holding my hand and telling everyone around us that we’re best friends.

As I’ve gotten older, graduated high school and college, and entered the real world as a full-time working adult, I’ve learned many lessons. Like anyone, I’ve experienced love and heartbreak, struggled with worries and come to terms with my biggest fears, learned how to waste and (sometimes) save money, and realized all of the energy, dedication, and responsibility a career requires from me on a daily basis.

I’ve laughed at myself, cried myself to sleep, and rolled out of bed some mornings wondering, what’s gotta give? On the road to finding myself, various children have appeared—almost as tiny angels—to shed light onto some of my biggest worries. Their innocence and sense of wonder often brings light to the situations and subjects that my adult mind cannot.

In this series, you will discover some of the insight I have been so greatly afforded. What do kids have to say about the things we worry about most—namely love, fear, money, and work?

Often our 20s bring lots of weddings, babies, and even, sadly, some failed marriages. If you haven’t accomplished at least one of those, you may feel a little behind and social media will be quick to reassure you that you are. I find it almost therapeutic to step back and think about what love really is. Is it a Pinterest wedding? Is it rushing to keep up with Facebook only to feel ill-prepared for life? Or is it finding someone that you can’t live without, and letting life’s timeline naturally take its course?

These 13 children reassured me that love is nothing more than “when you like someone and you care for them.” According to these kids, you can get married when you’re as young as two or as old as 100. Why do people get married? Because “they’d do anything for each other.”

For those of you not yet married (and hoping to be someday), I hope you find a man who’s “kinda hairy” or a woman with “nice, smooth skin.” You deserve it.

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