Last Night I Won $1,230,946

Like many Americans, I work more than one job. As a result, I posted a sappy status on Facebook last night as I sat in my car after work at 12 AM. Give me a break; I was delirious, exhausted, and returning home after a 16-hour day.

Status copy

Dramatic, I know.

Before I stumbled up the stairs to my apartment, I checked my mail. Wearily, I opened the envelope that was “protectively sealed” and bearing a “corporate judges seal” from the Judging Office & Decisions Center in Kansas City, KS. I thought to myself, great, I owe more money to someone or something… when will it end?

As I unfolded the three-part document on my counter, I realized it was the opposite of bills. Money… sort of? It was a letter notifying me that I had won an award. No, not a paper document saying I rocked at life (which I actually could have used at the time). It was a “lump-sum jackpot Award of 1,230,946.00.” Cue wide eyes emoji.

This is how I was informed that my life had changed.

I had two award options and seven days to return the letter to the judges with my decision (or the late reply will result in automatic termination). This is where you come in. Should I take Option A: “The amount of AWARD by a single check of $1,230,946.00,” or Option B: “a 30-year annuity for the total of $2,000,000.00”?

While $2 million would be more ideal than $1.2 million, would $66,667 be enough for 30 years? That’s not even that much… heck, the Financial Advisor that will be helping to budget my money makes that. You’re telling me that’s the salary I get with a total $2 million? That’s depressing. Should I just take the lump sum of $1.2 million and be done with it?

Now before you go and start judging me for being a total and complete idiot for believing this, you must know… I didn’t believe it. Not for a second. #Gotchya But I will admit that I waited ten minutes to let the idea flourish before I Googled this letter only to find what I thought might be true. (The big red flag was the $11.87 I owed for acquisition fees… yeah, ok.) It was, as always, a scam. Surprise, surprise. Never saw that coming.

But what if it wasn’t a scam? I allowed myself to fantasize as I drifted off to sleep… what would I actually do with $2 million?

Here’s how I’d prioritize:

  1. Hire a financial planner/tax advisor. That is, before I even decided what withdrawl option to go with, I would hire an advisor. This is absolutely necessary. And so are many other precautions, according to experts.
  2. Eliminate student loans (and other debt). I’d do anything to get this debt off my back. I hate student loans so much that I think I’d throw $5,000 to five deserving individuals who had no option but to finance their own education. (It might not be enough… but it’s something.)
  3. Give 10% away. (That’s $40,000.) No matter how hard it would be, my mother’s favorite lesson to teach is to give 10% to those in need. What you give, you get back ten-fold, right?
  4. Start investing. Many of you might be wondering why this isn’t higher on the list… you can make your own priorities
  5. Aid family members. My parents and grandparents have done more for me than I could ever ask for. I’d hand a check to my parents to take care of their mortgage (or at least part of it), and take my grandparents on a trip to see a few of the world’s must-see places.
  6. Perform A.R.K. In addition to the 10% I plan to give, I also feel the desire to perform acts of random kindness, whether it’s paying for a stranger’s gas, surprising a friend with a weekend getaway, or surprising my co-worker with coffee. I’ll never forget the day I partook in the Starbuck’s I’ve-got-the-car-behind-me line. Yes, there are good people in the world.
  7. Buy a home (and property). I’d say so-long to renting and invest in a house with land. At least this way I’d get money back.
  8. Purchase a car outright. I’m not saying I’d buy a million dollar sports car—that’s so irresponsible. But I would kill for a car without a cassette player and fewer than 150,000 miles in its history.
  9. Schedule time for vacation. This would be necessary for whenever I lose track of my brain in the crazy journey of going from middle-class to first-class in the blink of an eye. I’ll need it to remember to just breathe.

When I awoke this morning, the delirium had worn off and I snapped back to reality as I got ready for work. While I wasn’t looking forward to another 16-hour work day, I concluded that money isn’t real. Happiness is, and I can find happiness anywhere.

So for all of you juggling multiple jobs while continuing to be beautiful people, this one is for you. Bright, positive personalities bring me more happiness than $2 million ever could.

My friend Kollin said it best:

All the people telling you “it can’t be done” and “you can’t do that” will be the same people asking “how did you do it?” and “show me how” in five years. So just keep keepin’ on and keep your pimp hand strong, my friends.


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  2. Dorothy Slade

    Just received my notice from Commission of Judging Processing Division..
    Award Notification Commission, that I have a chance to win $1,230,946.00 or $2,000,000.00.

    The amount I need to send them in 7 days is $12.99 (Acquisition fee)
    Looks like another scam to me!

      1. Tim Barnett

        I received the same letter almost exactly the same as posted by Alexandra with slight differences including the single amount now being $1.3 Million. Can’t they track down these scammers and put them to shame by posting their names and where they live? I bet scammers would think twice if they were identified when caught. In searches I see very similar scams in Australia. Are there foreign nationals involved in this and if so can’t the government do something?

    1. Lashonda Brassfield

      I just received the same letter it sounds good but if it’s not Powerball or lottery this is bullshit these people need to be in jail

    2. Ardy

      I got the same letter . I did have my lawyer talk with them to verified this was real ! The lady told him it was legit. It has now been past 8 days promised for forst payment. will be considering law suit.

      1. Arche

        Hi Ardy,
        i just wanted to ask if you sent the response before 7 days they state in the letter?
        wondering what happened to your complaint? did they send you your money already? need your response if this is real? thank you.

  3. Renee

    also received my letter, the $ 12.90 fee gave it away. For a second it felt almost good to have a chance for all that money, but looking around me, money does not always bring happiness. You create Happiness yourself, and I am very Happy!

  4. Required Trash

    Sounds like “LOCATOR” and/or “SKIP TRACER” bait mail. I used to hear stories decades ago, about mail pieces going out to lure Bench Warrant Fugitives in for Round-Ups. But those mail pieces didn’t have requirements to respond with any forms of payments. It just wanted your personal body to show up to collect your Just Reward. After verifying your Identity and it matched the Courtroom Judge’s Bench Warrant, you would be asked to enter another room where you would be properly taken into custody (out of view of the other unsuspecting “Catches”). Bail Bondsmen started using this method and noted the expenses involved in printing the convincingly “Authorized” bait mail and it was short lived in favor of keeping it quiet.

    Collection Agencies are currently using this type of bait mail to not only locate you but to re-startup an “Expired Debt” to bypass the FDCPA (law). The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, enforces the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which prohibits debt collectors from using abusive, unfair, or DECEPTIVE practices to collect from you.

    Under the FDCPA, a debt collector is someone who regularly collects debts owed to others. This includes collection agencies, lawyers who collect debts on a regular basis, and companies that buy delinquent debts and then try to collect them. If this actually is from a Collection Agency, AND YOU ACTUALLY SENT THEM “ANY” MONEY (thinking you are going to get a real reward), you have in fact started a payment program with them – reopening an expired debt that was initially protected from collections under the FDCPA – AND the Collection Agency has every right to continue to contact you for more money, and more money, and even more money to satisfy the old debt you actually re-opened by yourself.

    Since I received one of these Bait Mail envelopes, I contacted all three of the major Credit Reporting Agencies to look for anyone accessing my credit history in an attempt to identify the actual sender of this Bait Mail because the Kansas City MO Permit Number 4280 may not actually be the creator of these deceptive practices. Someone invested some money in printing these Bait Mail items thinking it’s going to make them rich. If they succeed, it will only encourage them to spread out and go for it again and again. So far, my Credit Reports have no inquiries – meaning someone hasn’t accessed, yet.

    The only thing I can suggest to anyone else receiving the nearly exact same piece of mail is to (NOT OPEN IT, and) take it directly to the Post Office and complain about it to a Supervisor. Tell them it’s a Phishing SCAM and expect them to send it off to the Post Master General. They MAY actually put a stop to any further deliveries of these pieces of mail. But the intent is to get the Investigative Services Branch of the USPS involved in uncovering the people behind this and IF it is illegal, the Postal Police (they do exist) will bring them to a stop.

    In the meantime, if you found this web review, you should continue to do further research on this as it wasn’t cheap to produce these pieces of mail to look so convincingly authentic. Do not think for a moment that you will be receiving free money from this. It’s true purpose is to separate you from your personal property (money). You are on somebody’s target!

  5. Keith

    I got the same letter, my amount is $1,327,940.00, thought it would be nice to have that kind of money, get a nice home, a classic car and be financially set for awhile, but do I need to put my signature on this? that kinda bothered me, thinking abut it I realized it could be a scam, I am not signing any paper I am not sure is 100% classified which is not printed anywhere that I see, plus how did these people in Kansas City get my name and address? I live in Kentucky and don’t remember giving my address to anyone in Kansas City Kansas, it would be nice but it is hard to believe that they could choose me to give this money too, also they seem to check boxes themselves rather then allow you to check them, I thought that was strange, you have no decision on that, too bad it’s a scam, how can we prevent these losers from sending letters to people with theses scams????

  6. keith

    I checked out this anc it seems they are fake. just search and see what you think, it seems they are getting away with this scam, it is time to stop them.

  7. Anne

    How do you guys know this is fake though? Have you ever entered into publishers clearance house? I mean if nobody sends the money in and claims the prize of course more letters are going to go out. Shit I wanted this to be real, but lucky my mama didnt raise no sucka….man if only it was real…Another clue was the letter not having a date anywhere on it yet they are telling me to respond in 7 days..These crooks are good but you gotta be marvelously great to pull some wool over my eyes..

  8. Eric

    I just received this award letter saying I won 1,327,940.00 But It looks like a scam I am checking to see if someone else received the same letter.


      I just received this letter as well. I truly believe it to be a scam. Who is stupid enough to remit CASH??? SCAM, SCAM, SCAM all over this letter. Why would we need to send an acquisition fee if we WON the money??



  9. SGT. S.

    Yup received one today, official form of tender number 13570, from a Larry Hourd from his authority mind you….lol, $ 1,327,940.00 lump sum or 66,666.66 per year for 30 years. Exact red bordered paper From a

    Commissioner of Judging
    Award Notification Center
    p.o. Box 2905
    Kansas City KS 66110

    Wont they be surprised….

  10. Pam

    A scam indeed:-( my husband received the same letter with the amount of $1,327,940 with the same 2 options A or B. There’s never a fee if you’re a winner of any lottery or sweepstakes. I’m glad I open the letter before he did because he would’ve paid the fee. Imagine if you get a least a thousand people paying $11 or $12, that’s 11 or 12 thousand dollars per week or month according how many uninformed people will pay the fee. WE ARE LIVING IN THE DAYS OF REVELATIONS!!!!! FOR THOSE WHO ARE TAKING JOHN 3:16 FOR GRANTED, MY SOUL FEELS FOR YOU…. Dear Lord, everyone who’s received this letter especially during hard times, I ask that you enlighten our darkness and prosper us in Christ Jesus name. Amen! Please forgive those who’ve sent out these letters.

  11. Just received my letter like all of NJ..not a pot to piss in and Not falling for it…Beware Should Never Pay to Win unless it’s State Lottery you play!!

  12. dianadys moronta

    The last friday I received the same letter with the same two options. Of course , I never send money because I found theses letter, thanks to everyone.

    June 5, 2016 at 12.20 am.

  13. Marie Merelan

    I just received my letter with same thing same options I’m a sick brain tumor almost turn a cancer try to see if I can treat myself with out insurance and I’m not working, with 4 kids to received o this letter you know I’m going to send my last with faith God can talk to them hearts to helping me out with my situations I’m going to do the different and when I receive my 1.327.940.00 I let you know guys. God bless America


  15. Im so glad I looked up…Judging Office & Decisions Center….for I too have received a notice of me winning 2 million dollars…Try again…My name is not “Joe-Neck-Bone”.
    They wanted me too send them $11.89 or I can choose “Rush Processing” for an additional $3.00. Total fee $14.89.
    What a joke.
    Why do people play on other people’s hopes & dreams???? I would never understand, but if anyone receive this notice, dont think twice about it, get rid of it!!!

    1. melinda worden

      i recieved the same thing! You know how much money they are making or will make if everyone sends them 14.00!They make out and everyone else loses !All they have is a po box number to send your money to!!

  16. I would like to give a special “Thank You” to Alexandra!
    Thank you for your story, for it was your story that sparked my interest while looking up the “Judges” website…I seen…”Last Night I Won”…
    I received the same exact notice that you post a pic of. I too dreamed for a moment what I could do with that kind of money then snapped back to #Reality.

    1. Angela Stokes

      I stayed because of the story as well; I received the same letter and knew instantly it was fake. Thank you for the post and to the comment section for really teaching and informing others. You are what makes the HUMAN RACE GREAT!

  17. Aqua

    I received the letter today and looked immediately at my husband and exclaimed “Well, going to visit our friend the Postmaster again”!!! lol These clowns need to be terminated permanently.

  18. Maria

    I have received several of this letter like everyone here I did send 11.89 to ANC just hoping that it was true. Thank you for leaving your comments it helped me chuck all this paperwork.

  19. Barbara

    I got the same letter and it’s sad they have to do his o get money.i rip the mail up as soon as I get the thing.yes they need to be turned in.publish clearing house don’t ask for money.they are straight up foward about what’s going on.they try to sell you magazines but they been out in the world a long time and people do really win money.y you don’t have to buy anything from them.this other award commission is a big SCAM….

  20. Becky Saeugling

    I got the same exact letter today and decided to Google it. Thank you Alexandra for your post and the rest of you for your warning. I wouldn’t send any money for it but it was nice to entertain the idea for a hot minute. God blessed all of y’all. I hope something legit happens to us all . Have a blessed day.

  21. Nick S

    Received same letter as posted above. TENDER # 13570. Lump sum $1,327,940, liked the idea that someone posted. — send the letter back with a note to take the $12.99 from the winnings and send a check for $1,327,927.01. Sounds fair to me !!!

  22. The cons I’ve read before responding makes me wonder if the cold hearted, selfish minded low-life that sent this letter to me, ever wondered how they would feel if some pathological liar did the same thing to her/him. They won’t be doing this dishonest prank much longer, I gave the rip off letter they sent me and my friendwho is a lawyer is going to make sure that they don’t get away with it, and do his best to even help others get their money back (and maybe even more) due to the pain and suffering caused from being deceived by the con artists who obviously show no shame to lie and steal

  23. C. Sturgeon

    I recd the same letter these scammers need to be stop and put into jail and maybe may be we should do something. They are just trying to get people into more trouble by sending the money. Do realize if over a 1,000,000 sent in $12.99 they would make from those one million people that sent to those scammers would make over $1,299,000.00 dollars from those people who sent them a $12.99 Cash,Check,Money order. Also if you do the math in a seven days they would make $9,093,000.00 Million dollars so if you recd this just throw it away or burn it and shreed it and send it back with burn papers or shreed paper or what ever and see how they fill about them be scammed

  24. I am sorry for all the people that lost their money to this SCAM!!! It is ashamed people will stoop this low to get money. I really think they should be prosecuted for writing and sending false publications to people. I received the same letter. I did fill out information, but it was for the Publishers Sweepstakes, not the

    ANC Award Notification Commision
    Judging Office & Decisions Center
    P.O. Box 2905
    Kansas City KS 66110

    I am going to write them a letter to them with comments and concerns, might not be very nice. Then I am going to take my letter to the USPS office and see what I can do to report them.

    I have two options Winner Option A 1,325, 000.00 or 2,000,000.00

    And to please send a Premium Offer For Delivery $12.99

    HAHAHA, com on are you serious, they want me to send them money for a PRIZE I WON!

    Anyway these people have no moral values in life.

    And want us to respond by MAIL ONLY, no #, if they did have a number I bet they wouldn’ be doing this anymore!

    If people read this and would like to contact me you contact via e-mail

    I would like to find the resources to prosecute these people.

    Thank you,

    Julia Snowden

  25. Michael powers

    I received the first letter stating that I won. Sent it in with the fee like a dumas. Then, about a month later, Recieved another letter stating almost the same thing and asking for another fee. I don’t understand how the post office can’t stop this. If I went to that po box in ks and handled the matter mysef, I would be in prison faster than I can blink. 20 years ago, I was ran over by a drunk driver. I didn’t get no million dollar lawsuit. Just a life of hell. Well official judge’s. Your judgment day is coming. Hope this helps. Keep god in your heart.

  26. Valarie

    Besides all that! It does read….”is returned AND MATCHES the preselected winning number needed before the resolution deadline for judges final ruling and permanent record” In other words you would still have to have your number drawn that matches theirs.!

  27. Anonmous

    I also got the same letter but red flag came up as soon as they want to give me a gold pennant but I need to send for shipping $11.89 and extra $3.00 for the big check to be processed. But what caught my eye I had three choices which was send cash, check or money order. What company has you send cash. Scammers of course!!!!

  28. Jerry Morrison

    i just got one today all it worth is starting fires withits not the paper its printed on it all horse shit dont send any thing to them

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