Lululemon Stretches Beyond Yoga Pants (To Take More Of Your Money)

Lululemon Athletica is at it again. The brand known for hella expensive patterned leggings, strappy tanks, yoga mats, and other fashionable workout clothing is trying their hand at less athletic clothing.

Lululemon Lab, located at 50 Bond Street, is the eleventh store for Lululemon in New York City. However, it’s not just a regular store. This particular location doubles as both a retail store and design center where new, experimental garments are created with the chance for implementation across the entire brand.

“We like to consider the lab an innovation hub, a design center, away from the Lululemon main design team, and a satellite that is focused on the local needs of New Yorkers,” said head designer Marcus LeBlanc. “We’ll be designing, doing samples in the space, and all of our fittings will take place right there. Everything will be open and transparent.”


The first Lululemon lab opened in 2009 in Vancouver, British Columbia, where the company’s headquarters is located. The New York City lab will follow in Vancouver’s footsteps and feature more sophisticated clothing that is much different than its core brand style.

Although the new collection will feature just a few athletic pieces, it will continue to focus on performance and technical fabrics, tailored to the active lifestyle of New Yorkers. “We have a whole range of product and some of it is not meant for sweat at all,” said LeBlanc. “We’re really addressing your whole day.” (Think: slacks made in performance fabric with cuffs that flip to reflective material for bike riding to work.)

Pictured: sheer tank for $60, trench coat for $300, and stitch pant for $130.

The winter and spring 2016 launch collections feature mostly black, gray, and white. LeBlanc explained, “We like colors that are slightly off, so even some of our blacks will have an ashy touch, kind of a washed feeling, or they’re slightly blue. It really creates a nice tonality.”

Pictured: choice tee for $78 and choice skirt for $110.

As expected, the pieces will remain pricey, running $60 for a sheer tank, $78 for a choice tee, and $350 for a swing coat.

Pictured: swing coat for $350, scoopt bra for $70, and bond legging for $140.

If the new look interests you, you’ll have to head to New York to purchase the designs. This particular line will be available in-store only and in limited quantities—roughly 50 pieces per design.

As for me, I’ll stick with Target… and disown anyone who spends $78 on a damn T-shirt.

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