Managing Dreams: Employers Have Opportunity To Help Dreams Flourish

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been dreaming.

I dreamt about what wanted to be “when I got older,” what my 16th birthday would entail or even who my future husband might be. (In high school art class, I drew a “Build Your Own Man” machine—a kiosk that would allow you to choose your husband’s traits and physical appearance, dispensing before your eyes.)

But as I grew older, I found it increasingly harder to dream. I stopped dreaming about what I might be because I convinced myself I was already defined. Bills and necessities stood in the way. My dreams were no longer “logical” and so they’re harder to grasp, harder to hang on to.

Just about the time I was feeling defeated, I read a little reminder from Rebecca Undem—an article called “Why We Can Never Stop Dreaming.” It seemed I wasn’t the only one who had let the chaos of life get in the way of dreams.

She explained that her friend, Derrick Dinger, encourages people to dream within the workplace—both personally and professionally. As part of the company’s annual meeting, they track and measure “attained dreams” alongside other business metrics. The idea that employers have the ability to manage dreams is an incredible concept.

“Dreams provide a destination,” Undem said. “Sometimes, we realize that the path we’re on isn’t going to get us where we want to go. And while detours and changes of direction are okay, it’s important that at some point along the path, we lift our heads, look around and ask if this is still the direction we want to move in. It’s about making sure that we are still chasing dreams worthy of pursuit and then ensuring that our current path is still a viable avenue to reach them.”

What have you done lately to manage your dreams?

To see Dinger’s dream list wall, check out the full article that published in The Forum on September 24. You can read it here.

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