Netflix Answers Binge-Watchers’ Prayers With New Smart Socks

I don’t often relax, but when I do, I Netflix and chill.

Lucky for all of us, Netflix (with the help of their fans) has invented smart socks that will help with the process of… you know, chilling and binging. There’s nothing more frustrating than falling asleep midway through my favorite show. It’s bad enough that I never get to relax, but even worse that I can’t stay awake long enough to watch a full episode of Orange is the New Black.


But the issue doesn’t end there. While I’m deep in slumber, Netflix is punishing me, running through episodes without a hiccup, only pausing to stop hours too late to ask me, “Are you still watching?” When I go to watch again—a week later—I have no idea where I left off. Episode 30 or 122? Add that to the list of my first world problems.

With these high tech foot wrappers for the 21st century, Netflix hopes to solve our problems. The socks are equipped with technology that can detect when you fall asleep and, accordingly, pause your show when you do. (I know, genius.)

How They Work

In the prototype, an accelerometer is used to determine when a person has stopped moving for a considerable period of time, indicating that they have fallen asleep. An LED light on the sock cuff begins to flash red when the wearer has been immobile for some time, notifying them that the device is preparing to pause their show. One ounce of movement and the countdown to pausing the show will cancel.

Do It Yourself

Want to know the best part? The fact that Netflix is giving you the step-by-step how-to before they make it big. That’s right, you can make your own genius socks.

On the site,, the company has laid out the map, claiming all you need are some electrical materials, knitting skills, the “understanding of electronics and microcontroller programming, and [to] be comfortable around a soldering iron.” NBD, right?


They even give you 17 cleverly designed sock patterns to work with—representing their Netflix original shows.

Sharing Brilliant Ideas

The MakeIt.Netflix site was not only designed to reveal brilliant inventions, but to also encourage others to submit their own ideas. It’s looking like Netflix smart socks are only the beginning. The site also features another DIY: the switch.

I hope it won’t be long before my monthly Netflix fee will come with a rental robot. I’d really appreciate an add-on package that includes technology that would cook me a pizza, massage my back, and mix me a drink while I’m watching my shows. Is that really too much to ask?

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