Patio Pounders: 6 Wines For Late Summer And Early Fall

It seems every time I scrolled through Instagram this summer, there was at least one post captioned “#RoséAllDay”.

Having graduated from super sweet wines like moscato, white zin and riesling to dryer wines awhile back, I wasn’t all that interested in rosé. But still, I was curious.

What is it about this super pretty, pink wine? What’s the hype?

I had to find out.

I looked to a pair of level two sommeliers (a.k.a. wine connoisseurs) from the area: Nikki Berglund, owner of Luna and wine manager for Bernie’s Liquors, and Megan Bartholomay, a wine distributor for Cask & Cork Distributing.

They admitted to their love for rosé—French in particular—and shared other wines for a smooth transition from late summer into early fall.

Check out the full article published in The Forum on August 18. You can read it here.

Summer wine

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