Printable Clothing: The Future Is Here

One of the most fascinating events of my college career was “Fashion Without Fabric.” Each spring, the School of Art and Design held a runway show where students featured clothing made with anything other than fabric. (Think: plastic bags, rope, newspaper, feathers, and even popsicle sticks.)

F without Fab

Danet Peleg, a 27-year-old fashion design student from Israel, used the same principles to design clothing for her senior project. While she didn’t win the prize for best project, Peleg was nationally recognized for designing the first 3D-printed clothing created with an at-home 3D printer (as opposed to the industrial version).

The mesh-like fabric required more than 2,000 hours of printing, piece by piece in 8-inch by 11-inch sections. The material used for for the clothing, called FilaFlex, proved to be softer and more durable than the previous hard, plastic material used in the past. Once the material was printed, Peleg cut out her patterns and glued the pieces together. This, my friends, was a needleless process.

The best part about this futuristic clothing? It’s dishwasher safe. Peleg imagines a future where free 3D patterns will be available online and people will print their own clothes at home.

Check out her designs:


Peleg white

black and white peleg

Peleg red
Peleg black


And if you’re even more curious and want to know how Peleg produced these amazing clothes, visit Reddit for her step-by- step process. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some printing to do. I’d much rather run the dishwasher than drag my wardrobe to the laundromat. But then again, I might lose my excuse for shopping. I guess I’ll never be able to say I have nothing to wear… but I might be a little late—like 2,000 hours late.

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