‘Proper’ Summer Trends (Pt. 4): Prints, Patterns, & Perfection

I look forward to patterns every spring. After the snow melts, I have the urge to pack up all my dark neutrals and bust out the prints. Nothing says spring like florals, but this year there are some unique patterns taking the stage (along with awesome colors, shapes, styles, and accessories).

When you go shopping, keep these patterns in mind:

Fresh Floral

Per usual, florals are a highlight. But rather than dainty patterns, big, bold flowers are calling attention to themselves this season. By big, I mean flowers the size of a Texas-style belt buckle. Now that’s big.


Something Borrowed

Whether you’re inspired by the 40s, 50s, 60s, or 70s, now it’s in to rock the retro prints. Try a matching suit set or a casual skirt. All I can promise you is that grandma will approve. #StylingLikeGma


Marble & Marbled

Both colorful marble prints and marbled patterns are in this summer. This trend can be dressed up or dressed down. The generous amount of detail calls for some simplicity. Keep any additions to the outfit fresh and simple.


Life Gives Lemons, Wear Pineapple

Pineapple print is the hit this season. Go all out with a large pineapple screen printed tank, or a little more subtle with a tiny pineapple printed dress. This is sure to liven up your summer!


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