Snap, Crackle & Pee? The Infamous Rice Krispies Fail


Before you devour that delicious Rice Krispies treat, take note.

Some disgruntled Kellogg’s employee may have urinated on your favorite snack. Sorry, but someone had to tell you.

The disturbing video surfaced on March 11, leaving America appalled. Uploaded to, a self-produced video showed a worker urinating on the assembly line at one of Kellogg’s manufacturing facilities, located in Memphis, Tennessee.

WARNING: What you’re about to see is uncensored and graphic (or at least that’s what the experts say).

Since then, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been conducting a criminal and internal investigation, according to WREG News. In their investigation, they discovered that the video had been filmed in 2014, and “shot during the same time the company and the workers union fell into a nasty labor dispute and those employees were locked out.” That’s one way to put in your two weeks.

The stunt could have potentially affected Rice Krispies cereal, treats, and puffed rice cakes. But, don’t worry, Kellogg’s says the affected products would be past expiration date by now. How reassuring… that just means it’s too late for a recall as I would have eaten them by now.


Nonetheless, Kellogg’s feels terrible. Spokesperson Kris Charles said the company is “outraged by this completely unacceptable situation, and we will work closely with authorities to prosecute to the full extent of the law. I appreciate that, but unfortunately I’ve already consumed a bowl of Rice Pisspies. I think I’ll stick to Cheerios from now on.

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