Super Bowl 50 According To Twitter

Few things have the ability to make such a boring Super Bowl rather humorous.

Twitter is one of those.

While I can’t say I’ll remember Super Bowl 50 for years to come, I can say that Twitter provided adequate entertainment last night (and throughout a good portion of today).

In case you missed the most hilarious GIFs, memes, and tweets of #SB50, here is Super Bowl 50… as told by Twitter:

The National Anthem kicked off Super Bowl 50. Singing the Star Spangled Banner was Effie Trinket—I mean, Lady Gaga—wishing the Broncos and Panthers a game that was ever in their favor.

Other viewers confused the pop queen for a Pokemon character.

That was only the beginning.

Twitter, as you may know, is ruthless. Many used 140 characters to express their dislike for #wooguy—a man that sat far too close to the mic and… you guessed it, “wooed” the entire time.

But one man got away unscathed. Women were drooling over Clete Blakeman, one of the Super Bowl 50’s #hotrefs.

As many know, the Panthers had a rough night. Supposedly, Thomas Davis was playing with a (unspeakably gruesome, seemingly zippered-shut, you’ve-got-to-see-it-to-believe-it grotesque) broken arm.

And Betty White stole the spotlight from Cam Newton. While he was dabbing his eyes after the loss, she was taking credit for his dance.

Halftime finally rolled around and America waited in anticipation as the crew set up the stage. Coldplay entered, lighting up the stadium like a ‘70s disco ball… and reminding us all of our childhood with Lisa Frank.

Beyonce sang her new track “Formation” and paid tribute to Michael Jackson by wearing a copycat costume (with more skin, of course) from his Super Bowl performance in 1993.

In true Beyonce fashion, she danced her booty off and nearly fell flat on her face.

As far as commercials went, few were noteworthy. The puppy-monkey-baby had everyone questioning whether they would ever consume Mountain Dew Kickstarter again. And that combining three awesome things isn’t as good as it sounds.

An innocent (and hilarious) Doritos commercial really stirred the pot. Twitter couldn’t agree if the ad had underlying pro-choice or pro-life values.

Ryan Reynolds reminded us all that we are living in the wrong town… and that, in a perfect world, there would be enough of him to go around.

In the end, the Broncos beat the Panthers 24-10, leaving some to question their loyalty.

Peyton Manning claimed his second Super Bowl ring as little brother Eli watched… unimpressed.

Now, all we will have to look forward to is next season….which, unfortunately, is six months away. What will be we do until then?  Besides, of course, keep up with news on Manning’s HGH allegations and retirement rumor.

Until then, let’s just follow suit:


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