The Perfect ‘Winetail’ Recipe For Fall Holidays

I cannot—will not—hide my love for wine.

It all started with Washington Hills Riesling. I was vacationing in Arizona with grandma when she introduced me to it three years ago. I always wanted to like wine, but never seemed to find one sweet enough for my liking.

That is, until Washington Hills came into my life.

I began to love wine. I dove more into moscato and white zin. But my palette quickly matured and soon I was on to pinot grigio, merlot and even the driest of dry chardonnays. Nom, nom, nom.

As my fascination grew for wine, so did my curiosity. That’s why sitting down with Megan Bartholomay, a wine distributor for Cask & Cork Distributing was so enlightening. As a level two sommelier, she taught me about how connaisseurs discern types of wine, what the color means, why you smell it and more. (I may have add “become a sommelier” to my bucket list.)

Bartholomay suggested wines to try and a special recipe for the perfect ‘winetail’ (wine cocktail—clever of her, huh?) for late summer and early fall.

Check out the recipe that published in The Forum on August 18. Read it here.


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