VIDEO: Marriage 101—The Advice Everyone Needs To Hear

After hearing the secrets to marriage and what NOT to do (if you want a happy one, that is), I felt I was still missing something. What about all the individuals who aren’t yet married? You know, the millennials questioning all aspects of it—who the right person may be, the difference between a wedding and a marriage, and whether or not they’ve completely fallen off love’s perfect timeline (cough, me, cough).

So I asked my interviewees one last question: “What advice do you have for those looking to get married?”

I got mixed reviews. Some said wait for the right moment. Don’t rush love. And don’t get married just because your friends are doing it (you know, the classic if your friend jumps off a bridge, would you?)

But then others assured me that perfect timing is a hard thing to pinpoint. If you wait to perfect yourself and every aspect of your life before marriage, you may be waiting forever.

One interviewee said a man once taught him a valuable lesson. “Someone was debating about getting married and said, ‘I want to graduate college first, I want to have my career and my degree, and I want to be settled.’” But the man explained to him that sometimes it isn’t about having every puzzle piece in place before marriage. You have your whole life to figure it out… and it’s okay that your spouse is a part of that.

Listen to what the others had to say:

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Whether you tie the knot at 20 years old or wait until your career is developed to settle down at 35, there is no right or wrong answer. Perhaps, the best answer for each of us differs. And maybe that’s just one of life’s biggest lessons to learn.

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