VIDEO: The Secret To Marriage

Inspiration comes when you least expect it.

That was the case in this instance. It all began with a spontaneous trip to Arizona nearly a year ago and a hot air balloon ride that changed my outlook on life and love forever.

I signed a waiver, recognizing this beautiful excursion would be a potentially dangerous one… and then we were off. I shared the eight-passenger balloon with three couples of varying generations. In light of one couple’s anniversary, we grazed the topic of marriage and soon eight strangers were discussing the secret to marriage.

The older gentleman offered, “Always say ‘yes, dear.’ ‘Yes, dear’ is magic.” The women on board grinned, applauding him silently. “But if I’m not listening, ‘yes dear’ can get me in trouble,” he added. “Honey, does this make my butt look big?… ‘Yes dear.’” That’s never a good scenario.

The other couple chimed in…

“Marriage is give and take. When you feel you’re giving more than you’re receiving, you’re probably doing the right thing,” the man said.

“It’s no secret. It’s just work. Enjoyable work,” his wife said, smiling in agreement.

“We’ve been married 42 years,” her husband chimed in again. “Forty-one of them were… iffy.”

We all laughed in unison.

But, to this day, I still love one piece of advice from that hot air balloon ride: “The secret to marriage is to sleep butt to butt every night.” It ensures no matter how mad you are at the person, you’re still close enough to touch.

Nearly a year ago, I got a taste of some of life’s best advice, but ever since I have yearned for more. Like many my age, I’m still questioning what it takes to ensure my future marriage is successful. And not just that… but wonderful, exciting, and as meaningful as it can be.

So, in honor of the most love-struck holiday of the year, I interviewed 10 individuals to see what they thought.

“What is the secret to marriage?” I asked. This is what they said:

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What I ultimately learned is that there is no one secret to marriage, there are many.

Stayed tuned for two videos to follow. I also asked my brave interviewees what not to do in a marriage and what advice they have for folks like me who have yet to tie the knot.

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