VIDEO: What NOT To Do If You Want A Happy Marriage

After interviewing 10 individuals, I found that marriage is not always about the things you should do, but sometimes all of the things you shouldn’t. Sure, you should show love and compassion to your spouse, but if you simultaneously pick fights… you’re really just swimming upstream. Yes, you should communicate openly, but you shouldn’t go to bed angry.

In my last video, I concluded the secret to marriage is that there is no one secret—there are many. Some said the secret is selflessness, others said the key is laughter. Cris Linnares, writer and psychologist, said, “Marriage is an invitation to develop unconditional love. As humans, we are here to learn that lesson.”

From what I can tell, that lesson is one that is slowly learned over time. While all the things we should do in a marriage might be obvious, what not to do is a whole ‘nother ballgame… let’s take a look:

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If you ever question all the things you should or shouldn’t do, just remember Eric’s wise advice: you should never “think that your wife is wrong.” (Sounds like someone has been listening…)

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