Wedding Woes: Season Has Different Definition For Photographers

I never knew that listening to the radio on the way to work could make my blood boil. One of the things I enjoy most in life is learning about lives unlike my own. I love to talk to people who live in different places, have different jobs and experience life in a whole different way.

I’d like to think I have respect for what anyone chooses to do in life, including in their career. Perhaps, that’s exactly why one woman on the radio made me so uncontrollably angry. The local woman dialed in seeking advice on whether she should hire a photographer for her upcoming wedding.

That, in and of itself, had no effect on me. It was when she began ask about the value of wedding photography that I was outraged. Why do I have to pay someone so I can print pictures of me and my husband? She asked. Why does it cost so much?

Holly D. for Dan Francis Photography / Special to The Forum
Holly D. for Dan Francis Photography / Special to The Forum

I must admit my bias: I’m closer to the photography industry than the average person. Though it’s not my full-time job, I’ve been shooting freelance photography for nearly five years. Until you’ve spent 12 hours on your feet, wrangling guests, wiping tears and saving the day with a knife you packed to cut the cake, you don’t understand how important a wedding photographer can be for your day.

But I wanted to know if I was the only photographer experiencing the chaos. So I reached out to three local photographers Katie Lewis, Dan Francis and Yvonne Denault.

I wasn’t surprised to find they had some of the same experiences I did. In fact, it was those experiences that has led two of them away from wedding photography. While they didn’t intend to bash the industry or the couples they photographed, three of them wanted to explain the harsh reality so engaged couples everywhere (and on the radio) might value their work just like any other career.

Check out the full article published in The Forum on July 9. You can read it here.


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Feature photo via (Holly D. for Dan Francis Photography)

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